MRI Guided Focal Therapy and Laser Treatment

MRI is magnetic resonance imaging using a magnetic field and radio waves to produce highly detailed images of the body.

BlueLaserTM is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure.

The procedure is designed to destroy only a patient's main prostate tumor (or index tumor) while sparing the remaining healthy tissue. The goal is to control the disease while avoiding collateral damage to sensitive structures that can affect a man's quality of life.

Additionally, BlueLaserTM MRI-Guided Prostate Laser Ablation offers an important "safety net" for patients should additional tumors is discovered or new ones develop down the road. Not only can laser ablation be repeated, but it also preserves the ability to re-treat with other modalities, including surgery and radiation if necessary.

Procedure Highlights

  • Short Procedure Time (Can be completed in 45 minutes)
  • No General Anesthesia.
  • No Surgery, Radiation, Needles or Probes
  • Minimum Side Effects
  • Low Risk of Incontinence
  • Low Risk of Impotence
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Repeatable

See What Our Patients Are Saying

Sperling Prostate Center Staff

"Dan Sperling pioneered the Focal Laser Ablation treatment of early detected prostate cancer. I was one of the fortunate men who was a candidate for this, and undertook the procedure Monday afternoon. Before and after images showed all tumors gone. I cannot begin to relate to you how relieved I am to be able to have this quality of treatment completed, and the successful diagnosis post op described to me. There appear to be literally ZERO side effects from this procedure, unlike all other treatments, for which I am incredibly grateful. Anyone with Prostate concerns or who may know someone who has, owes it to himself to consider the Sperling treatment."

-Greyson Quarles

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